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Nicole's Page

Page history last edited by Nicole Lee 13 years ago

Lab Manual

Lab 1: The Scientific Process

Lab 2: Measurement

Lab 3: The Molecules of Life

Lab 4: Enzymes

Lab 5: Microscopic Observation of Cells


Student Blog

Chapter 2 Blog: The Chemical Basis of Life I (Nicole)

Chapter 3 Blog: The Chemical Basis of Life II (Nicole)

Chapter 4 Blog: General Features of Cells (Nicole)

Chapter 5 Blog: Membrane Structure, Synthesis, and Transport (Nicole)

Chapter 6 Blog: An Introduction to Energy, Enzymes, and Metabolism (Nicole)

Chapter 7 Blog: Cellular Respiration, Fermentation, and Secondary Metabolism (Nicole)

Chapter 8 Blog: Photosynthesis (Nicole)

Chapter 9 Blog: Cell Communication (Nicole)

Chapter 11: Nucelic Acid Structure, DNA Replicaiton, and Chromosome Structure (Nicole)

Chapter 12 Blog: Gene Expression at the Molecular Level (Nicole)

Chapter 13 Blog: Gene Regulation (Nicole)

Chapter 14 Blog (Nicole Lee)

Chapter 15 Blog: Eukaryotic Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis (Nicole Lee)

Chapter 16: Simple Patterns Of Inheritance (Nicole Lee)

Chapter 18 Blog: Genetics of Viruses and Bacteria (NL)

Chapter 20 Blog: Genetic Technology (NL)  

Chapter 21: Genomes, Proteomes, and Bioinformatics (NL)



Grading Sheet for the Blog Project



Chapter 23 The Theory of Evolution


Section I: Personal Bio and Material


Hey Mr. Weber, my name is Nicole Lee as you may know.  I have been living in Branchburg New Jersey for all 15 years of my life.  If you haven't already seen my comment on the main page I can briefly restate some points about myself.  I am addicted to shopping, I love hanging out with my friends, and I like to talk.  Despite my chatterbox of a mouth and my occasional procrastination, I feel I am a fast learner and I can finish anything if I put my mind to it.  I currently have a job as a secretary at an office building for Affordable Housing and I watch over kids at the Branchburg Recreation Camp.  I am also a member of many different organizations including Girl Scouts, Ski Club for Somerville Highschool, Cheerleading for SCVTHS, and I am currently the secretary for Youth Council.  I love volunteering for many groups such as Operation Shoebox and the Somerset Medical Center.  I love traveling and I intend to visit as many places around the world as possible before I die and collect a snow globe from each place.  Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, skiing, surfing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, cliff repelling, scuba diving, and dancing.  In the future I hope to become either a lawyer or a QVC lady.  From the outside  come off to many people as a city girl, but I actually love doing hands on activities and I love doing daredevil stunts and going on mission trips all around the world.  I am a loving, caring, organized, and goal oriented kid and I actually love Biology so this should be a fun year! 


Section II:  Interesting/Useful Scientific Material





This first website is an interactive biology website which makes it fun and easy to learn biology for high school students as well as college students.  This website introduces and thoroughly explains topics such as Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Diseases, and various topics.  This site also includes helpful games andpractice quizzes and tests.



This second website is another interactive site where users can view colorful illustrations and videos that help people learn.  This website explains various functions and interesting parts of biology which make this an easy fun way to learn.



This third website is extremely beneficial and I have used this website numerous amounts of times to learn cell functions.  This website is very reliable for information and also uses descriptive videos to demonstrate cell behaviors.



This fourth website I have posted is from another college, however I believe it will be very beneficial for a students learning experience because it has numerous virtual online labs and activities which can help users learn online. 



This fifth website is an interactive website that uses animations and descriptive texts to teach readers about the world of microbiology.



This sixth website is a reliable site for information which includes wonderful animations, beautiful graphics, and knowledgable texts that keep readers on the edges of their seats.  This website introduces the world of biology to readers from biologists and nature enthusiasts. 



This seventh website contains extremely helpful and knowledgable information about cell division (binary fission and mitosis).  This site is helpful and gives step by step information of the cell cycle.  This site also provides colorful illustrations that help the learning experience.




This first picture is a detailed illustration of a cell and identifies various important structures of the cell.


This second link is of a picture that walks you through the phases of mitosis through illustrations.  This picture also identifies extremely important parts of the cell.


This third picture may be helpful in a way that it shows the eukaryotic cell cycle through a simple easy to read and understand illustration.



This fourth picture is an accurate diagram of the micrsoscope.  This is a helpful picture because biology requires using materials such as microscopes and being aware of its parts is beneficial to the learning experience.


This fifth picture is one of a chloroplast.  This is a good link to have because it labels various parts of a plant cell.


This sixth picture is one of the female reproductive system.  This illustration also includes various labels which are easy to distinguish.


This seventh picture is of the male reproductive system.  This picture contains several labels that help determine each part of the male reproductive system.




This first video is a short clip of a cell undergoing mitosis.  The narrator has a clear calm voice which makes it easy to understand what she is saying and to learn from the video.  The animations are colorful and help the observer see the different parts of the cell in action!


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This second video is a clip of a college class lecture for understanding the structural components of the body.  It also briefly describes certain terms and introduces the skeletal system.


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This third video is also a clip of a college classdiscusing the muscular system.  The professor briefly goes over various parts of the body in good description which makes it easy to learn from.


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This fourth video is a cute illustration brifly going over topics of biology.  This video has a catchy song that makes learning fun and easy.



This fifth video is an interesting and easy to learn from clip of cell structures and their functions of a plant.  The narrator has a clear voice and interacts with the audience well.



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