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Chapter 12 Blog: Gene Expression at the Molecular Level (Ambika)

Page history last edited by Ambika Sharma 13 years, 2 months ago

In the first section of this page, you will write a daily summary of that day's class.  For example in  your chapter 2 blog, your first entry should be titled 9/3/10.  You should then write a one or two paragraph summary of that day's lecture, outlining the major points.  In the second section, you are required to add two items (link to a website, video, animation, student-created slide show, student-created PowerPoint presentation) and one journal article pertaining to a topic in this chapter.  A one-paragraph summary must accompany each item describing the main idea and how it applies to the lecture topic.  Please see the PBWorks help guide for assistance embedding video and other items directly in the page.  I will also produce a how-to video on using tables to wrap text around items and other useful tips.  Please see the syllabus for organization and grading details.


A.  Daily Blog



B.  Useful Materials


Useful Video
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This video describes the process of transcription and translation. The images are not the best (pretty good for Paint) but I like how they show the process step by step. It's a really helpful video and the upbeat music in the background make it all the more entertaining... and educational ;o) ENJOY!



This article discusses the importance of pre-mRNA splicing in the generation of functional diversity of the genome. Pre-mRNA splicing is regulated by the cis- and trans-elements. When these elements are deregulated, aberrant splicing occurs. This article reveals that many pieces of evidence have been found that prove that aberrant splicing contributes to many diseases. 



Useful Link

This is a link that I found helpful in studyingfor the finals!It goes into detail about things we learned in chapter 12 such as transcription, the genetic code, etc. It's helpful because there's animations and a quiz to test your knowledge. Hope it helps!



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Derek Weber said

at 10:01 pm on Dec 16, 2010

These are the type of summaries I expect. Nice job.

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