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Chapter 12 Blog: Gene Expression at the Molecular Level (Christina)

Page history last edited by Christina Datuin 12 years, 12 months ago

In the first section of this page, you will write a daily summary of that day's class.  For example in  your chapter 2 blog, your first entry should be titled 9/3/10.  You should then write a one or two paragraph summary of that day's lecture, outlining the major points.  In the second section, you are required to add two items (link to a website, video, animation, student-created slide show, student-created PowerPoint presentation) and one journal article pertaining to a topic in this chapter.  A one-paragraph summary must accompany each item describing the main idea and how it applies to the lecture topic.  Please see the PBWorks help guide for assistance embedding video and other items directly in the page.  I will also produce a how-to video on using tables to wrap text around items and other useful tips.  Please see the syllabus for organization and grading details.


A.  Daily Blog



B.  Useful Materials


I learn best from videos. I like being able to see what I am learning about. I feel that it is the easiest way to follow a concept. This video shows a great example of how transcription works. An animation is shown of how it works while someone talks in the background explaining what is happening. I like this because I can match words to picture. It is very clear and understandable. It helped me understand the process a lot. 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA_splicing   In this chapter, we learned about RNA splicing. This link goes in detail about how splicing works. The description is very easy to understand and is very straight forward. I like it because I can understand what I am reading without having to hesitate and think too much. I grasp the concept very well, and there are also helpful pictures on the side. 
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21140472   This article pertains to our lesson because it involves RNA splicing. There was an experiment conducted where splicing went wrong. The article discusses the problems faced because of this. It is quite an interesting article, and if you know how splicing occurs, the issues that occurred in this experiment are clear.



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