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Chapter 3 Blog: The Chemical Basis of Life II (Garielle)

Page history last edited by Garielle Wagnac 13 years, 10 months ago

In the first section of this page, you will write a daily summary of that day's class.  For example in  your chapter 2 blog, your first entry should be titled 9/3/10.  You should then write a one or two paragraph summary of that day's lecture, outlining the major points.  In the second section, you are required to add two items (link to a website, video, animation, student-created slide show, student-created PowerPoint presentation) and one journal article pertaining to a topic in this chapter.  A one-paragraph summary must accompany each item describing the main idea and how it applies to the lecture topic.  Please see the PBWorks help guide for assistance embedding video and other items directly in the page.  I will also produce a how-to video on using tables to wrap text around items and other useful tips.  Please see the syllabus for organization and grading details.


A.  Daily Blog

9/10/10- We went over 8 function groups which  I liked because they are very hard to memorized. I know little keys to knowing which fundtional group is which group is which. Understanding the properties and these groups have will make figuring out molecules easier. Also. went over stereoisomers which I had difficulty with on the homework. Now the confusion has been cleared up.  Then we started staking talking about carbohydrates and sugars. Sugars are that much easier to recognize now. 


9/15/10- We discussed amino acids in detail. I probably will have to read the book again because there is so much to amino acids. Thought it was interesting on understand how the amino acids are formed and their basic shape with the c- terminus being the only place to build off of. I can really see where knowing the functional groups will help with identifying amino acids. 


9/17/10- We had a fun class today. It was more of an activity day and not too much lecture. I liked the experiment we got to read but it did take me awhile before understanding what I was reading. Having people go up and explain things was interesting. I hope we have more classes like that. 


B.  Useful Materials


1. Functional Groups Activity (submitted 9/17/10)

It is a good link to help you review the functional groups and then test how well you know you the groups.


2.   YouTube plugin error

Great video for reviewing protein structures. This is the video you watch right before a test. :)


3.Nasal Septum perforation closure with bacterial cellulose in rabbits

Article on how cellulose can help us with grafts, fibrosis, and inflammation. They are testing it on rabbits first. 


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