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Chapter 13 Blog: Gene Regulation (Michael)

Page history last edited by Michael Murphy 13 years ago

In the first section of this page, you will write a daily summary of that day's class.  For example in  your chapter 2 blog, your first entry should be titled 9/3/10.  You should then write a one or two paragraph summary of that day's lecture, outlining the major points.  In the second section, you are required to add two items (link to a website, video, animation, student-created slide show, student-created PowerPoint presentation) and one journal article pertaining to a topic in this chapter.  A one-paragraph summary must accompany each item describing the main idea and how it applies to the lecture topic.  Please see the PBWorks help guide for assistance embedding video and other items directly in the page.  I will also produce a how-to video on using tables to wrap text around items and other useful tips.  Please see the syllabus for organization and grading details.


A.  Daily Blog

Throughout the past week, our class went over Chapter 13: Gene Regulation.  Gene Regulation has two benefits to ur bodies.  It preserves energy and ensures that genes are expressed in appropriate cell types.  In eukaryotes, all cells contain the same genome  but express different proteomes.  With the bacterial genome, gene regulation occurs during transcription, post-translation, and controls the rate of mRNA translated. Eukaryotic cells are regulated at transcription, rena processing, translation, and post translation.



B.  Useful Materials

This video goes over how lac operons function.


A very short video that covers what they TATA box is and what it does. 


Archaeal promoter architecture and mechanism of gene activation.

This brief article discusses that the basal promoter element TATA is on the promoter.  




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Derek Weber said

at 12:34 am on Feb 16, 2011

Too brief in everything on this page. The chapter summary needs to be more descriptive. Use the learning objetives to guide you. Your item descriptions neeed to be more thorough so the readr knows what the item is. Show me you viewed or read the article.

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