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Chapter 11: Nucelic Acid Structure, DNA Replicaiton, and Chromosome Structure (Nicole)

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A.  Article




This article was mainly about adult stem cells and how they mature tissues of metazoans and the contribution of chromosome structure in the process.  This article descrbies how the tissue cells reproduce in a manner that their progeny either differentiate and contribute functionally to a tissue, or remain uncommitted and replenish the stem cell bunch. The study of stem cell research is sustained and the results of the tests fail due to the ageing.  Ageing in the tissue cells shows a decline in the function of the tissue, therefore not showing accurate results.  Scientists have taken a step closer in finding ways to manipulate chromosomes in the samples so that the tissue cells do not continue with ageingas fast so that the results for stem cell research would be more accurate.  The scientists by underlying a segregated- a mitotic asymmetry arising from the unequal split of chromosomes from the age of their template DNA strand.  If scientists are succesful in their research, it could greatly affect the studies on stem cell research.


B.  Useful Materials

This first video is of a DNA replication song.  The lyrics are somewhat hard to hear atcertain points in the song.  However, the rythym and the flow of the song helps memorizing the process a lot easier for me.


This is an extremely helpful diagram of DNA replication.  The picture is clear, concise, straight to the point, and easy to read and follow. 



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