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Genes in a Bottle

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A.  Learning Objectives 

In this lab, students will:

• discuss the differences between chromosomes, genes, and DNA.

• extract DNA from cheek cells, dissecting each step as they proceed.


B. Textbook Correlation  
Please review Chapter 11: Nucleic Acid and Chromosome Structure and Chapter 20: Genetic Technology


C.  Introduction

Write a three paragraph introduction to DNA, genes and chromosomes.  In the first paragraph describe the structural features of DNA and how it fits its function.  In your description, discuss the role of the 5' and 3' ends of the molecule.  In the second paragraph, describe the structure and function of a gene.  In your description, use terms like genome, RNA polymerase, promoters, and terminators.  In the third paragraph, describe the structure of a chromosome.  Discuss the function of histone proteins and define the term chromatin.  Provide images for each paragraph.


D. Experiment

This experiment is adapted from Bio-Rad: Biotechnology Explorer - Genes in a Bottle Kit.  The introduction, protocol, and important questions are found in this .pdf file.  You will answer the 13 questions associated with the lab in this space.  You will also document the experiment as your proceed using video and audio.  Pay special attention to the alcohol and cell extract layers.  Use imaging and video to capture that interface.  Also, keep an audio/video blog describing the role of protease, salt, and cold alcohol.  Also provide a picture of your isolated DNA when complete.

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