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Presentation Instructions

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Student Presentation
During the last month of the semester, we will cover evolution.  As college students, we must become more independent in our learning.  We also benefit from building a learning community in which we all contribute.  This semester each student will be assigned part of a chapter to present individually.  Presentations range from 15-25 minutes and are worth 150 points. For this project, you will be responsible for the following:


a.)    Chapter summary (20 points): A section page in which you will write a section summary in your own words.  This is NOT to be plagiarized from the textbook.   The idea is to provide the reader a bottom line on why your section is important or what your section accomplished towards the goal of understanding the topic presented.

b.)    Useful Materials (20 points):  Provide or link to four useful materials for your classmates to aid in their studying.  These can and should include scientific articles, websites, videos etc.  that contribute or enhance the reader/viewers understanding of the topic presented.


c.)     PowerPoint/Prezi presentation (80 points):  For the in class presentation, you will use a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that you will share with your classmates BEFORE the day of your presentation.  If you are presenting on a Wednesday, your file should be available by 6PM on Tuesday.  A deadline of 6PM on Thursday is appropriate for a Friday presentation.   This is the grading rubric I will use to assess your efforts.


d.)    Virtual Lecture (20 points):  You will also record using a voice capturing and/or screen capturing program a summary of your lecture to include so students can replay.  This can be done for free using screencast-o-matic (click link for access).  This is an easy to use tool that produces video that is effortlessly embedded into your page.


e.)    Final Exam Questions (10 points):  You will also write two multiple choice questions to be included on the exam.  These will be submitted privately to the instructor.  The image on the right represents Bloom’s Taxonomy which organized different levels of learning.  Statistics have shown that 95% of exam questions only test knowledge and comprehension.  One goal we have in this course is to try to improve those other skills that will serve you well as you proceed in your education.  You job is to write one question that falls into comprehension/knowledge categories and one that addresses one of the four remaining categories.  I am more than happy to review your questions with you before finalizing.  These are due no later than a week after your presentation.


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