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Presentation Grading Rubric

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30 points

The content is written clearly and concisely with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information.

The project gives the audience a clear sense of the main idea.

Information is accurate, current and comes mainly from primary sources.


25 points

The content is written with a logical progression of ideas and supporting information.

Includes persuasive information from reliable sources.


20 points

The content is vague in conveying a point of view and does not create a strong sense of purpose.

Includes some persuasive information with few facts.

Some of the information may not seem to fit.

Sources used appear unreliable.


15 points

The content lacks a clear point of view and logical sequence of information.

Includes little persuasive information and only one or two facts about the topic.

Information is incomplete, out of date and/or incorrect.

Sequencing of ideas is unclear.



10 points

The fonts are easy-to-read and point size varies appropriately for headings and text. Use of italics, bold, and indentations enhances readability. Text is appropriate in length for the target audience and to the point. The background and colors enhance the readability of text.  The text is written with no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

8 points

Sometimes the fonts are easy-to-read, but in a few places the use of fonts, italics, bold, long paragraphs, color or busy background detracts and does not enhance readability. The text is clearly written with little or no editing required for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

6 point

Overall readability is difficult with lengthy paragraphs, too many different fonts, dark or busy background, overuse of bold or lack of appropriate indentations of text. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors distract or impair readability. (3 or more errors)

4 points

The text is extremely difficult to read with long blocks of text and small point size of fonts, inappropriate contrasting colors, poor use of headings, subheadings, indentations, or bold formatting.  Errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and grammar repeatedly distract the reader and major editing and revision is required. (more than 5 errors)






10 points

The graphics, sound and/or animation assist in presenting an overall theme and enhance understanding of concept, ideas and relationships. There is a consistent visual theme.



8 points

The graphics, sound/and or animation visually depict material and assist the audience in understanding the flow of information or content.  Images are proper size, resolution.



6 point

Some of the graphics, sounds, and/or animations seem unrelated to the topic/theme and do not enhance the overall concepts.  Images are too large/small in size. Images are poorly cropped or the color/resolution is fuzzy.



4 points

The graphics, sounds, and/or animations are unrelated to the content.

Graphics do not enhance understanding of the content, or are distracting decorations that create a busy feeling and detract from the content.


Knowledge of Subject


30 points

The presenter clearly is knowledgeable on the topic.  Main ideas are explained in a clear and concise manner.  The presenter is able to answer all questions from the audience.

25 points

The presenter is comfortable with the topic.  Main ideas are explained adequately.  The presenter relies little on the text on the slide to explain the topic and answers most questions from the audience.

20 points

The presenter is unable to adequately explain the topic.  The presenter relies mostly on the text on the slide to explain the topic and answers few of the questions from the audience.


15 points

The presenter knows nothing about the topic.  The presenter relies solely on the text on the slide to explain the topic and answers no questions from the audience.

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