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Chapter 22: Origin and History of Life

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Learning Objectives 

22.1 Origin of Life on Earth

•   Outline the four overlapping stages that are hypothesized to result in cellular life as we currently understand it. 

•   Describe the process of chemical selection, and its relevance in the theory of the RNA world. 


22.2 Fossils

•   Describe how fossils are formed.

•   Explain the importance of the discovery of transitional fossils.

•   Explain the various biases that affect our interpretation of the fossil record. 


22.3 History of Life on earth

•   Place the appearance of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms within the four eons of geologic time.

•   List several environmental influences on the emergence and disappearances of species. 

•   Trace the evolution of single-celled and multicellular eukaryotes through the different eras and periods in the geological time scale.


Chapter Materials 

22.1 Origin of Life on Earth 

22.2 Fossils 

22.3 History of Life on earth



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